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Link your accounts to Owl to receive comprehensive financial advice. Our connections are read-only so you do not have to transfer your accounts.

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How it Works

Owl Maximizes Your Wealth

Minimizing Fund & Advisor Expenses, Tax Expenses and Behavioral Expenses are the 3 things that have the largest impact on maximizing your wealth. Owl will help you with that.

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The graph is based on 20-year historical market returns of 7.81% based on Dalbar QAIB 2012 Survey. Owl Portfolio Returns are the market portfolio (7.81%) minus 0.50% for advisory services and 0.15% for fund expenses based on average portfolio expenses. Traditional Investor returns are 5.70% compounded based on Median advisor costs of 1.00% and average mutual fund fees of 1.11% based on Lipper Data 2012. Investor returns of 3.49% are from the Dalbar QAIB 2012 Survey. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS, AND ANY EXPECTED RETURNS OR PROBABILITY PROJECTIONS MAY NOT REFLECT ACTUAL FUTURE PERFORMANCE.


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Owl users know their information is always secure. That's because we use 256-bit SSL encryption - the same security that banks use - and all data is protected and validated. Owl is read-only, so no money can be moved in or out of any account.

Nirav batavia


Founder / CEO

Meet the Founder

Nirav Batavia has over 10 years of experience in the finance industry. Nirav is a CFA charterholder, and currently manages over $40 million in personal client assets. Previously, he spent many years managing a $1 billion portfolio as a trader and portfolio manager, and also co-founded an $80 million fixed-income hedge fund. Nirav has written many articles and blog pieces on personal finance and investing. He graduated with an MBA from Chicago Booth and received a Bachelor's in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Our Mission

Here at Owl, we believe sound investment advice is a right not a privilege. We have watched our friends and family make investing mistakes, pay too much in fees and lose out on their financial dreams and security. They tended to follow every craze, like the Internet bubble, and inevitably sold at the bottom, buying high and selling low - the exact opposite of smart investing.  We realized that we could make investing easy by creating a simple but powerful web site to help people take control of their investments & guiding them towards good habits that would improve their financial future - so we created Owl.

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