Why Owl?

Simple and Comprehensive

  • Manage All of Your Accounts in One Place

    Just enter your login information. Once we import your account data, we create a single plan that covers all of your investment accounts

  • Implement Your Plan In Minutes

    Our detailed recommendations make implmentation easy, getting you on the right path in minutes.

Maximize Wealth

  • Nobel Prize-Winning Approach

    Owl brings same approach used by most top financial institutions for their sophisticated clients to individuals through its transformational online technology.

  • Lower Expenses Than Traditional Advisors

    The average advisor charges 1% of assets per year, taking 30% of a portfolio over 30 years. By charging 1/2 of the normal cost (0.5% of assets), Owl will leave you with far greater wealth.

Safe and Secure

  • Bank-Level Security

    Owl clients know their information is always secure. That's because we use 256-bit SSL encryption - the same security that banks use.

  • No Moving Money

    Owl is read-only, so no money can be moved in or out of any account.

  • We Do Not Sell Your Data

    Owl's Terms of Service explicitly state that we do not share your data, so our clients trust us with their confidential information.


  • We Are Independent

    Owl is not affiliated with any particular fund family or brokerage in order to avoid being limited in our recommendations. We are free to recommend the best investments, funds, and services for your needs, no strings attached.

  • We Do Not Accept Commissions

    Owl is not paid for the products we recommend, so our recommendations are based solely on what is best for your situation.

  • Fiduciary Responsibility

    As a registered investment advisor, we have a legal obligation to always put the client interest first.

Around The Clock Management

  • 24-Hour Portfolio Alerting

    Whenever your portfolio is no longer on target, we let you know, but we don't stop there. Owl will provide detailed recommendations to get your portfolio back on track in one simple transaction.

  • Constant Portfolio Guidance

    Owl tracks your accounts, sends you regular summaries, and alerts you whenever you need to make a change.

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